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Proper Parenting in Ancient Rome
A Time-Travel Novel of Love as Growth of Consciousness & Peace in the Home
Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
Print Type:
It is 150 BCE. Twenty-year old Quintus Cincinnatus Aemilianus arrives at his family estate in the Etruscan-farmed countryside an hour's ride from Rome to face adult responsibilities. He's a world traveler, senator-in-training, and learned in architecture. But he has only one mission in life: to maintain peace in the home. He believes family harmony is a microcosm of all that exists.

He learns his father, a man with Etruscan enemies, is missing. After childhood years spent learning Greek, Latin, and Aramaic from diverse sages in Alexandria, seeking proper, holistic parenting is no problem. He owns the Antikythera device, a mechanism of complicated gears physically representing the Callippic and Saros astronomical cycles. It's not only gears he wants to mesh. It's the human condition. And he looks for patterns in nature.

Quintus believes in proper holistic parenting as an adventure within a timeless search for the perfect nurturing mother. His goal and life purpose are achieved through practical deeds. He is an ancient builder of dreams so far ahead of his century, that he finds time travel a gift of destiny. For Quintus, the explorer and observer of comparative thought, the best way to study the human condition is through art. He believes that peace in the home feeds the growth of consciousness.

Anne Hart

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Browse any of my 90+ paperback books at the publisher's site.

Do You Have the Aptitude & Personality to Be A Popular Author?

Professional Creative Writing Assessments

By Anne Hart

Published: March, 2009

  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Pages: 264
  • Size: 5x8
  • Paperback $18.95 from publisher, ASJA Press imprint, Available also at most online bookseller's Web sites.
  • ISBN: 9781440125201

Are you best-suited to be a historical novelist, mystery writer, short story sprinter, digital interactive story writer on ancient civilizations, a nonfiction writer, or an author of thrillers using historical settings or universal themes?

Do you think like a fiction writer, investigative journalist, or an imaginative, creative nonfiction author writing biography in the style of genre or mainstream fiction? Enhance your creativity.

How are you going to clarify and resolve the issues, problems, or situations in your plot by the way your characters behave to move the action forward? How do you get measurable results when writing fiction or creative nonfiction? Consider what steps you show to reveal how your story is resolved by the characters.

This also is known as the denouement. Denouement as it applies to a short story or novel is the final resolution. It’s your clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot. What category of denouement will your characters take to move the plot forward?

Take the writing style preference classifier and find out how you approach your favorite writing style using facts and acts. Which genre is for you--interactive, traditional, creative nonfiction, fiction, decisive or investigative?

Would you rather write for readers that need to interact with their own story endings or plot branches? Which style best fits you? What’s your writing profile?

Enjoy this ancient echoes writing genre interest, personality, and aptitude classifier and see the various ways in which way you can be more creative. There are 35 questions—seven questions for each of the five pairs. There are 10 choices, five assessments and a section on how to write a novel/story/script by developing depth of character that drives your plot.

Obtain the paperback book at most online bookseller's Web sites or browse the book at the publisher's Web site at:

Personal History and Creative Genealogy Writing Video Blog is at:
Creative Genealogy Book Excerpt Web site is at:



A Time-Travel Novel Set in the 10th Century Caucasus Mountains

By Anne Hart

  • Published: February, 2009
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 324
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781440119552

This Medieval Princess in the Caucasus Mountains Seeks to Do Acts of Kindness. My life adventure is resilience and to find a voice that resonates all of my confidence. Now in my youth just before I will become sixteen years of age, my confidence speaks all about lighting a wonderful brightness and walking out of the darkness of insatiable banalities.

With the renewal of spring, the world is repaired, and the gardens bloom in my magnificent Alania. I walk up steep hills and ride far to remember each intimate glimpse of blooms on trees and to listen as waterfalls whisper. We have come up here all the way from Sarkel to remain here in the mountains, close to my childhood home.

To insure my confidence, my voice, and my resilience, here I light the eternal flame to brighten the damp room. I am Raziet, now called Serakh. I am Karachaian-Balkarian, and from my grandfathers, of sweet Alania. I am partly Khazar and partly from the peoples that dwell by Mount Elbrus. I am all of them, all mixed together for generations. My many ancestors came from Persia, the Kavkaz, the Steppes, Turan and Altai, the Urals, the Adigha, and beyond where the sky rides the moon.

I am the tamga of the horse, the orchards, my pet wolf, and the open grasslands. And today, I am here, not where the Volga meets the Caspian, but with our friends and my cousin breathing deeply the sparkling air beneath my Mount Elbrus. We wait in our aoul. We are all of my magnificient Alania, and here now, in this land of orchards to the north, the scent of the birch trees, the patina, the starlight, my venture, value, and vision.

Sit at my table and experience the eternal light of Alania and Khazaria and all the rest of these mountains and rivers from the Caucasus to the seas of Pontus and Meotis. We are all one from many in the joy of life and we are here to do acts of kindness.



101+ Practical Ways to Raise Funds: A Step-by-Step Guide with Answers

Publisher's price: $23.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 406
ISBN: 0-595-48058-6
Published: Dec-2007
International orders:
Call 00-1-402-323-7800

Raise funds for your cause with practical media projects that easily can be turned into home-based businesses or projects for home schoolers, parents, teachers, students.
Book Description
Raise funds and/or promote your favorite cause. Develop original creativity enhancement products such as writing vocational biographies. Solve problems and publish measurable results. Design practical media projects that easily can be turned into home-based businesses or one-time projects.

Homeschoolers, parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, and workers interested in opening powerful, affordable-budget, trend-ready home-based publishing, writing, or video podcasting and video news release-production businesses and creative writing fundraising events will enjoy these unique applications to help you create your own board games, projects, businesses, publications, and events.

Sample business start-ups (or one-time project) categories include the following categories: description of business, income potential, best locale to operate the business, training required, general aptitude or experience, equipment needed, operating your business, target market, related opportunities, and additional information for resources.

Develop practical projects using the skills of video production, creative writing, book and pamphlet publishing, or newsletter design. These skills include adapting stories, novels, news events, or scripts and skits to numerous platforms, formats, and media types.

Inform others how to avoid pitfalls and blind spots that can derail careers early in the game. The campaigns are ideal for most promotional, business, or training situations.




Interestingly, the best thing I learned from earning a graduate degree in creative writing is to keep it brief. I always aked myself these three questions that have been said many times before writing a book, article, or fiction--novel, script, play, or life story. Lecturing isn't communicating. Connecting is.
1.  What's the situation, event, or experience?
2.  What outcome/impact/result is it causing?
3.  What's your resolution? (Solve the problem or get measurable results in clearn and easy-to-understand steps the readers can follow.)
It really works as a formula for writing book proposals as well as a query letter and also for the book or follow-up. That's the basis of a good novel or nonfiction book. The details are in the where, how, why, and when.






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Do You Have the Aptitude & Personality to Be A Popular Author? Professional Creative Writing Assessments By Anne Hart Format: Paperback Pages: 264 Size: 5x8. ISBN: 9781440125201