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Anne Hart's Biography

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Anne Hart’s Biography:

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Brief Biography:


Anne Hart is a popular novelist, playwright, and independent behavioral science journalist with more than 80 paperback books currently in print. She holds a graduate degree in English/Creative Writing emphasis, and is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and Mensa. She has been writing professionally since 1959. Her Web site is at



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Name:                    Anne Hart

Degrees:               BS, MA

Certification:        Community College Teaching Credential:

                                 Lifetime: Language Arts & Literature 

:     American Society of Journalists and Authors, Mensa

Type of work:     Journalism, Public Relations, Writing, Graphic

                               Design (magazine illustration, book covers, &

                               digital photography), Communications-

                               Organizational Communications Management

                               Courses Online, Personal History Journalism.

                               Documentary Video Production, Novelist.

                               Playwright. Genealogy--Nonfiction Writing:

                               Personal History Books. Videography

                               Documentaries. Magazine Features.

Fields taught:    Communications, Fiction Writing, Professional

                             Writing, Public Relations, Feature Writing,

                             Play and Skit writing, Humor, Personal History,

                             Organizational Communications, Journalism,

                             English, Literature, Humanities, Grammar,

                             Biography, Video-Biography. Documentary

                             Production. Full-time independent writing of

                             books,  stories, and articles currently.
Hi!  I want you to know that as an author, I care more about readers, viewers, and listeners, than you care what I know. What taught me most about caring was the varied experience as a full-time adult learner myself starting at age 17 in June, 1959.


After growing up seaside, I worked my way through college as a full-time editorial assistant and free-lance journalist, attended University at night, and graduated in 1964 with a BS degree in English Education, emphasis on professional writing. 


By the summer of 1965, I moved to Washington, DC for two years to work in the Washington arena of journalism, meanwhile taking graduate courses in public relations and communications along with  area studies and international relations in graduate school. Washington became a great resource for creative nonfiction.


While in DC, Saturday Review magazine bought my travel piece. Embassy row became my beat when I freelanced for the Washington Evening Star. By 1967, I moved west to continue graduate work in professional and creative writing, taking additional courses in educational technology, graphic design, and video production so I could develop training materials.


Finally, by December 1979, I earned my MA in English/creative writing--all this time working full time or part time while taking courses (or writing full time). During the seventies, I worked as a substitute teacher in community colleges, high schools, and in continuing education centers working with senior citizens who wanted to learn creative writing. Between 1967 and the present I took courses in multimedia production, professional writing specializations, and after 1995, I began teaching online.


During that time, I wrote numerous published books which are currently in print, including novels, plays, and how-to books. As technology evolved, I became involved with digital journalism, teaching online, and anything else I could learn about working on the Internet in digital journalism (content production--new media) and designing Web sites all with a goal of creating new ways to teach creative and professional writing or personal history, especially to mature people interested in life-long learning.


In my spare time, I kept on writing how-to books, novels, plays, skits, humor, features, and a variety of articles for numerous magazines, such as Everton's Genealogy Helper (magazine), Family History Plus (online), Family Chronicle, and pet-care magazines.


I spent most years during the seventies writing instructional manuals, video scripts, grant proposals, and business books for various  Unified School Districts, County Education Centers, and Community College Districts. This meant teaching creative writing classes or college composition classes for community colleges part time and writing books and articles or columns full time.


Freelance work for a variety of public relations agencies and several corporations'  public relations' departments inspired me to open the first Public Relations Agency in my local area back in 1976 that emphasized gerontology-related issues. This resulted in a 492-page book that I wrote, and several other books. In the late nineties, I worked online as an acquisitions editor on novels for  the publisher, Online Originals, (London) as one of the first few editors to recommend books for publication by reading, reviewing, and recommending them online.


Clients in software manufacturing contracted with me to serve as "case history manager" with a goal of interviewing, writing success stories, and looking for how certain types of software solved unique problems and achieved results. The work included writing magazine articles on how a particular software operating system helped companies in various parts of the world (with step-by-step information readers easily could follow). I email-interviewed judges on remote Pacific islands, and managers of non-profit institutions that work with charities.

It was really fun developing and implementing numerous memoirs writing, personal history, oral history, video-biography and time-capsule production or DNA-driven genealogy courses for older adults. When I taught writing the salable life story, students were eager to write vignettes, skits, plays, and monologues. This turned into another book I wrote titled Writing 7-Minute Inspirational Life Experience Vignettes--ISBN 0-595-32237-9).


What really became motivating emphasized training students to go out into the field and conduct oral history interviewing with older adults, creating video-biographies, multimedia life story presentations, writing plays, skits, and time capsules. This led to teaching older adults and other students how to develop time capsules.


Since 1959 I have always had my own freelance writing business that led into taking public relations clients, interviewing, or teaching others how to train and motivate others to express their creativity in new ways and to research how creativity may be encouraged at all ages. I combined writing and public relations with teaching and training beginning in 1972 when I taught drama and playwriting for a local Community College District in classes they held at a university campus. Later, I began adding video production work to the teaching of writing.


By February, 1995 I hooked up to the Internet after taking multimedia courses in developing interactive training materials originally targeted to show writers how to write novels and screenplays, and began to search for work teaching online. Creative and professional writing courses, I surmised, could be taught better online than face-to-face. So I began to offer courses online as soon as the first browser appeared in April of 1995.


Popularity with my Web-site based writing courses grew, and eventually I began to teach writing life stories in a series of temporary-by-choice online teaching assignments in professional writing. I also wrote for magazines.


When very positive feedback about my course in writing the salable life story came directly to me from students, another university hired me in 2000, and I taught writing essays--college composition, journalism, and public speaking courses there for my contract, March 2000-June 2001. After that, I taught creative writing at another university during the summer from June 16-July 20 of 2004 and from November 11-December 22 2004. I enjoyed the temporary work teaching short courses online as it allowed me to continue with my full-time career writing books and magazine articles.


I am presently writing books and magazine articles full time and reading materials about organizational communications management. The book I most enjoyed writing is one of instruction on how to write 45-minute one-act plays for all ages. Favorite hobby: visual anthropology with documentary video production.

Basically, I've spent the years 1959 to the present either writing full-time 65+ published books currently in print, or the numerous magazine and newspaper articles, columns, features, videos, audios, published plays, scripts, and other materials. At the same time I always taught part-time for a variety of universities and colleges in my specialty which is writing and creativity research. 


Being a documentarian really is fun. Writing scripts is another subject that I've practiced and taught for many years. In 1989, I co-wrote the screenplay, "Black Snow Melting" about Alaskan dogs, with a movie producer. 


I also wrote a published play. And in the mid 1970's, I wrote for a local county educational media center, the video script, "Eric Educational Research" on how to do educational research using that computerized research system at a time when computers were new to educational research. A TV personality narrated that video, which is available to teachers.


Hobbies eventually became my life's work. These included eagerly working with students, producing personal history videos, researching anthropology, Ice-age art, genealogy, ancient history, archaeology, graphic design, and watching travel videos.


Since 1999, as a senior, I've fully retired from teaching and sometimes do part-time online book and article writing at home and view armchair travel videos. I'm a non-driver by choice and travel very little nowadays except by watching my favorite hobby of viewing travel DVDs and visual anthropology TV. Optimisim and joy is the lightness of it all.


At home I enjoy the friendship of my happy, loyal yellow Labrador Retriever. One of my latest dog-related topic book is titled, How To Video Record Your Dog's Life Story: Writing, Financing, & Producing Pet Documentaries, Drama, or News, published by ASJA Press (ISBN: 0-595-45798-3). ( Another of my recently published  books is titled Ethno-Playography. See my list of 81+ books at with links to articles, excerpts, and more writing.





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